A lot of things grow well in Hot Springs Village.  Some don't, like rhubarb.  We'll concentrate on those flowerings that do well ... once in a while we'll bend the rule.

Below you'll find 

Autumn Clematis

We have so many Azalea pictures we set up a separate page - 
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Camellia sasanqua
Canna Lilies
Confederate Rose (Hibiscus)
Lily of the Valley
Chinese Wisteria
Creeping Phlox

Sweet Autumn Clematis
Paniculata (C. Maximowicziana)

Sweet Autumn clematis is a favorite because of its late bloom.  Strong and trouble free, it exhibits a blanket of small 1-2 inch flowers in September-October. Can grow to 15-20 feet.



Flwr 4-8-01-537S-Azalea Bud.jpg (74815 bytes)

Picture is a bud on a Red Ruffles Azalea plant.

To see other Azalea pictures click here

Daffodils in HSV

Daffodils 2-16-01-529S.jpg (89578 bytes)

Lily of the Valley
Convallaria majalis

Flwr 4-8-01-521S-Lily of the Valley.jpg (132509 bytes) Flwr 4-8-01-520S-Lily of the Valley.jpg (83663 bytes) Flwr 4-8-01-522S-Lily of the Valley cu.jpg (79742 bytes)

Spreading, low-growing perennial with deep green foliage and delightfully fragrant flowers in spring. Best in rich, moist soil; tolerates dry soil in shaded areas.  Leaves about 8" long.  Tiny white bell-like flowers hang from arching stems.

The above plant is about 8 years old and though it returns each year, it hasn't spread.  Our gardener isn't sure as to reason why.

Chinese Wisteria
Wisteria sinensis

Flwr 4-8-01-525S-Wisteria.jpg (117041 bytes) Flwr 4-8-01-526S-Wisteria.jpg (111873 bytes) Flwr 4-8-01-532S-Wisteria.jpg (174092 bytes)

Flwr 4-8-01-531S-Wisteria.jpg (168846 bytes) Flwr 4-8-01-527S-Wisteria cu.jpg (56412 bytes)

A very quick growing woody, deciduous twining vine.  Grows to 25 feet and more, with dark green compound leaves.  Long grape-like cluster of blue-violet blossoms in spring (usually late March or early April in HSV)

Thrift or Creeping Phlox
Phlox subulata

Flwr 4-8-01-514S-Wisteria Phlox.jpg (129325 bytes)  Flwr 4-8-01-518S-Phlox cu.jpg (136344 bytes)

Flwr 4-8-01-515S-Phlox.jpg (123844 bytes) 

You see many of these plants in Arkansas and in the Village.  Very showy and pretty.  Flowers in late March and April and May. Low, 4 to 6" singular ground cover.  Excellent for borders in beds or rock gardens.  Does best in dry sandy locations.

Flwr 4-8-01-519S-Weed.jpg (109944 bytes) Flwr 4-8-01-523S-weec.jpg (88507 bytes) Flwr 4-8-01-536S.jpg (115164 bytes)

"On the left are two variations in color of the Ozark Spiderwort, which occurs in various shades of purple-pink. 
Tradescantia hybridizes so much that plant systematists hesitate to name the species.  The right photo is "Bird's-Foot Violet, which occurs in several color phases.  Viola pedata gets its common name from the branching of the leaves."

For more Spiderwort information (and many other beautiful wildflowers, click here)

Canna generalis.  Common Name is Canna Lilies.  These plants have flowers on spikes above very large leaves.  Colors range from white to shades of pink, yellow and scarlet.  Cannas bloom in midsummer until cold weather.  They do best in long, hot summers.  They'll grow in gardens, or in pots or large tubs on terraces. Hardy to northern zone 7.

Flwr Canna Gold-326S.jpg (98176 bytes)Flwr Canna Gold-327S.jpg (81170 bytes)MVC-328S.JPG (41194 bytes)

Canna - King City Gold 

Plant the rhizomes in spring after night temperatures stay above 50-60 degrees F, and cover with 3-4 inches of soil.  Can be started indoors a month earlier.  Cannas grow to 4 to 5 feet.  Spread is about 1-1/2 feet.

A very pretty flower is Clarkia amoena. More commonly called Godetia. Doesn't grow well in the south but you will find them.  This grows best in cool weather.  Does not like high humidity.  Why are we including it here?  We found it in Little Rock and  think it has a satin gentle beauty,

Flwr Godetia-426S.jpg (24608 bytes) Flwr Godetia-428S.jpg (41637 bytes) Flwr Godetia Bowl-429S.jpg (57445 bytes)


Flwr Alstromeria-773S.jpg (72713 bytes) 

F Alstomeria Y-829S.jpg (67825 bytes) F Alstromeria Y-830S.jpg (40959 bytes) F Alstromeria Y-831S.jpg (67769 bytes)

Another Little Rock find, Alstromeria. We've found them in at least four colors.
We know the name, but haven't been able to find it in our books. but we're going to keep looking.  A very pretty flower.  Alstromeria are the longest lasting cut flowers we know. 

Flwr-297S-Lantana 10-21-00.jpg (102248 bytes)  Mums-094S-10-14-00.jpg (135785 bytes)  S.Camelia-080S-10-10-00.jpg (87001 bytes)   Flwr-293S-ConfRose 10-21-00.jpg (69565 bytes)

Blooming in early November
L>R  Lantana, Chrysanthemums, Camellia sasanqua, Confederate Rose. (A Confederate Rose is a Hibiscus.)

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